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Appointments / Cancellations

Our office requires a 24 hour cancellation notice, otherwise you will be charged $25 for last minute cancellations.  No show appointments will be charged $75. ​

  • Same day, and early appointments fill up very fast.  If you have an urgent issue please call the office early.   If applicable, a patient who is sick may be treated over the phone.  If a prescription or extensive discussion is required, a $40 fee will be due at time of service.   

  • If you are a new patient, or have new insurance, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment and bring your insurance card and photo ID.

  • Physical examination appointments are a "wellness" exam.  This is separate from a sick visit, follow up of existing problems, new concerns, etc.  A separate appointment is required to address those other concerns.

Late Fees

Our office requires timely payment of all account balances.   All outstanding balances are due prior to your appointment.  Past due account balances will be subject to a $25 late fee charge each month balance is past due. 

Completion of Forms

Disability, FMLA, health forms, insurance forms, or any other paperwork that requires provider input, can be very time consuming.  A fee of $25 is required for the completion of paperwork/forms.  It is important to note that fees are not covered by insurance and need to be paid at the time the form is submitted.

Medications / Refills

Medications will be prescribed with care and only for good reason.  Chronic medications require monitoring and follow up before prescriptions can be refilled.  Please be sure your pharmacy and mail order pharmacy is up to date. 


We recommend you notify your pharmacy of any refill request at least 2 to 4 days before your prescription is due to run out.  The pharmacy will contact us for verification.   

Controlled Substance Prescription

Our office has a strict policy concerning all Scheduled III and II prescription medications.  Patients are required to be seen every 6 months in order to receive refills and these prescriptions cannot be called into your pharmacy.  Please contact our office when it is time for a refill.

Termination from our Practice

Our office values its relationships with our patients.  We will only terminate patient relationships with cause and only after careful consideration.  Reasons for termination include:  repeatedly not showing for scheduled appointments; not complying with recommended medical care; being hostile or abusive to staff; or not paying bills in a timely manner.

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